Filter Assembly Automation Machinery - Concept, Engineer, Build

Over 32 Years of Filter Assembly Automation Machinery

MASSMAN provides complete filter assembly line integration from pleater to packaging. We deliver both standard and custom machinery solutions with full turnkey support from layout to final installation including service and spare parts. We offer fully-automatic high speed / high volume production machines as well as semi-automatic / manual load equipment options.

Seamers - Our world class first and last pleat seaming machines apply a metal clip, hot melt or ultrasonic weld seam at 28 to 66 parts per minute with horizontal and vertical seam registration better than 0.50mm. Seaming cellulose, synthetic and wire back media, standard pleat heights range from 7.5mm to 38mm and slit widths of 50mm to 1500mm.

End Cap Assembly Machines - Our end cap assembly machines attach end caps by embedding, ultrasonic weld, potting or molding using plastisol, urethane, or hot melt in a variety of automation solutions from bench-top, shuttle-style, rotary dial or flexible power & free style machines.

Packaging – End of line automation includes cartoning, case packing and palletizing for a complete ready to operate filter line.

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Printed on 2020-07-16