Energy Efficient Ceramic Membranes and Filter Media

Mantec Technical Ceramics Limited produces a wide range of porous ceramic products including tubes, tiles and discs for applications such as filtration, crossflow microfiltration, fluidisation, metal casting, aeration and diffusion. The company manufactures the Star-Sep™ Ceramic Membranes which have been specifically developed for energy efficient crossflow microfiltration.

Mantec also manufactures membranes and substrates in various geometries for end users and the OEM market. Mantec is associated with many of the leading filtration system manufacturers, process plant designers and contractors who regularly specify our Star-Sep™ membranes.

Our range of Pyrolith and Coralith ceramic filters are used extensively to remove particulates from compressed air, gas lines and industrial liquid processes such as water, chemical and petrochemical products. The filters are suitable for the filtration of aggressive liquids, including alkaline solutions and many acids. They are also suitable for use at elevated temperatures. In addition we have the technical and manufacturing infrastructure to design bespoke porous and non-porous ceramic components to very specific customer design criteria.

Core Competencies

• Unique Star-Sep™ Ceramic Membranes
• High quality ceramic membranes and substrates for end users and OEM market
• A wide range of ceramic filter media and associated housings
• Porous tubes, tiles and discs for aeration and fluidisation

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Market Scope

Printed on 2020-07-05