marsyntex® textile filters

For decades, the Markert Group has provided and optimized textile machine parts for very different filter units such as filter press, vacuum drum filter, belt filter, Nutsch filter, centrifuge, Pan filter, leaf filter, disc filter, rotary screen or pressure plate filter – to name only a few machine types. Customers from chemical and pharmaceutical, mining, wastewater and food industry as well as from mechanical engineering industry use our company’s know-how.

A very high retention capacity of textile filter is crucial in production of catalysts and pigments. marsyntex® filters are tailor-made manufactured and provide filter fabrics with best particle retention for this purpose.

Extremely fine sewing needles leave smallest holes in fabric which are closed again by special sewing threads. Both additional coating and impermeable moulded EPDM parts as rubber necks for the filter cloths are part of our product and solution range.

Image: Filter cloths made of marsyntex® filter fabric PP 2442 with moulded EPDM part for finest pigments

Printed on 2019-04-21