FiberVisions expanding activities in Filtration segment

FiberVisions and ES FIBERVISIONS have together developed and are increasing the platform of offerings of fibers for Filtration through the brand Intercept providing both mono and bico polyolefin based fibers for filtration enhancement.

The USA market has jumped to the technology faster than Europe but also here this is now being recognized for the great attributions to Filtration performance. FiberVisions has the broadest global reach of any polyolefin staple fiber producer. ES FIBERVISIONS is the only truly global bi-component supplier and jointly the offering is unmatched.

Facilities are located in key strategic locations in all of the world's major regions, giving the Companies the ability to serve our customers wherever they are located. Among other things we offer highly specialized fibers for Filtration media and together we supply into the Intercept concept of fibers for Filtration.

Intercept bi-component and polypropylene mono-component fibers solutions for Filtration.


Already working with leading manufacturers of high performance filter media and continuously driving expanding use of polyolefin in filtration we would be pleased to also work with you.

Printed on 2019-05-20