Ultimate instrument solution for the comprehensive physical characterization of formulations

LUM is presenting the ultimate instrument solution for the comprehensive physical characterization of formulations in the laboratory, the combination of the Multi-wavelength All-in-One-Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer® 651 and the LUMiReader® X-Ray.

Giving particle size distribution, separation velocity distribution and hydrodynamic particle density in addition to the direct stability result, the LUMiSizer® 651 permits in an easy way the analysis and evaluation of complex industrial products. Customers in industry benefit from significantly more applications compared to the well-known Stability Analyser LUMiFuge® or the NIR- (Near Infrared)-LUMiSizer®. High concentrated formulations as well as low concentrated suspensions and emulsions, featuring different optical properties, can be measured with this new development in just one analyser, in an effective and cost-saving manner. Applying the unique patented STEP-Technology® and the direct physical acceleration of the separation, comparative or predictive shelf-life analysis of original dispersions according to ISO/TR 13097 is permitted within a short time. Particle size distributions are determined according to ISO 13318. LUMiReader® X-Ray based on the same STEP-Technology® allows for real-time separation and consolidation fingerprinting using X-ray transmission. The in-situ visualisation of changes in homogeneity and sedimentation are especially important in ceramic, home and personal care industries, in the paints and pigment sector.

A typical three-step-characterization of a formulation in just one sample cell using the same software:
1. Evaluation of the dispersibility of the pigment and the homogeneity of the formulation (LUMiReader® X-Ray). Independent of particle size or particle shape.
2. Physical acceleration of the separation processes in LUMiSizer®. Determination of sedimentation or creaming velocities in much shorter time than during storage at gravity.
3. In-situ visualization of concentration gradients in the separated phases (sediment, cream layer) by LUMiReader® X-Ray.

Printed on 2019-05-20