KLEIBERIT Adhesives – The Specialist Amongst Adhesive Manufacturers

KLEIBERIT adhesives are an now integral part of the world we live in. Today KLEBCHEMIE M. G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG is based in Weingarten Baden (Southern Germany) and also has one of the most modern and innovative research and production centres worldwide. Innovative adhesive systems for a wide field of applications are being developed in cooperation with and produced for international customers.

The product range is designed specifically for customer requirements and worldwide availability is ensured with an intelligent logistics concept.

Filters are required in many processes, e.g. to remove impurities or harmful substances. Consequently, only the most reliable and high-quality materials should be used in filter manufacturing. KLEIBERIT filter adhesives and filter moulding compounds have set standards in this field and made a large impact on filter technology engineering. Our filter guide provides an overview of filter types, their applications and properties.

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Printed on 2020-07-02