Finetex Technology is the Global leader to truly mass produce nanofibers using electrospinning technology with economies of scale. With our leading technology, Finetex EnE produces the highest quality of nanofiber incorporated filter medias for numerous applications such as engine filter, liquid filter, industrial air filter, waterproof and breathable technical textiles, face mask and more. We are pioneering the world as a global leader in textile and filtration industry for nanofibers.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life with our nanofiber products. With focus on people and environment, we strives to create the best environmentally friendly energy equipment and to incorporate nanofiber applications to our everyday lives.

This is deeply rooted in Finetex EnE’s strong belief in SURVIVAL and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to maintain the leading position in our ever changing environment and market. Through our cutting edge proprietary technology, we will propel the company to earn international role, respect and recognition.

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Printed on 2020-05-29