Polishing Filter with advanced filter media regeneration system

The ClariTube filter offered by FLSmidth is a novel filter design for polishing filtration. The turbid liquor is filtered by a single or multipe tube-shaped filter elements dressed with various kind of filter media, including textile bags, wire mesh or wedge wire baskets. The filter media is automatically regenerated by using water jetting technology without stopping the filtration process. The highly effective filter media regeneration system allows the use of a wide range of filter media at minimum aperture size in order to produce filtrate in the lower ppm range even without adding filter aid. For regeneration typically water or filtrate can be used according to the individual process requirements.

As the ClariTube filter design is a modular concept a future increase of the filtration capacity is possible by simply adding filter elements up to a maximum mumber of twenty filter elements per unit. The typical filtration rate is 5 to 40 m³/h per single filter element at a feed solids range between 50 to 2000 ppm. The filter is typically operated at a differential pressure up to 8 bar at a feed temperature close to the boiling point.

Printed on 2019-05-21