New Liquid-/ Solid Rotator Separator RoSLS- 700 with stainless steel filter

Continuous separation of small and medium loads of particles from high volumes of liquid can now be effectively done with the new assonic Mechatronics centrifugal separator. The machine can be used in different various applications like waste and process water cleaning, plastic pallet separation and even in diary production.

The fluid flows through the round stainless steel filter accelerated by a rotator with up to 1000 rpm. The rotator also acts as a transportation tool for the solids. It pushes the particles through the filter and reduces the moisture content to very low levels before they leave the machine.

In finer filtration jobs the separation is supported by assonics Sonic Speed Screen ultrasonic technology. The range of possible separation cylinders starts with only 25 μm filters on the fine side, but often big openings of a few mm size are needed to reclaim product from process fluids. The filter elements are typically made in a robust construction by the Dorstener Drahtwerke Group.

The machine is made of all stainless steel. It is easy to control inline or in a batch mode.

Printed on 2019-05-21