J. Rettenmaier & Söhne (JRS) are world’s leading producer of high-performance filter aids, based on natural, renewable raw materials.

Filter Aids made by JRS – including highly purified Cellulose (ARBOCEL, VITACEL and FILTRACEL) as well as selected plant fibers (REHOFIX and LIGNOCEL) – are used as precoat, bodyfeed and/or pressing aids on all conventional filter systems. Additionally they are used as highly efficient, safe and economic alternatives to mineral filter aids such as Diatomite and Perlite.

JRS’ Filter Aids do stand for significantly lower production costs. They are physiological harmless, offer modern disposal concepts, and are completely non-abrasive.

JRS is going to introduce a new group of chemically functionalized fibers that are taking liquid processing to the next level.

Still based on natural, renewable raw material sources, but selectively functionalized by suitable reagents, those multi-purpose products upgrade conventional (physical) particle separation by additional functionalities (such as selective adsorption, discoloration, etc.).

Beside of the above JRS is also offering long-standing experience and tailor-made services in contract manufacturing and toll processing. As well as engineering support and advise on all questions relating to proper dosing, feeding and handling of mentioned process aids - all to help you to technically and economically optimize your processes.

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Printed on 2020-07-16