As a privately owned technical weaving mill, we are the global market leader in woven solutions made of metal and synthetic. 

Under the slogan GKD - WORLD WIDE WEAVE, our company groups four independent business divisions: industrial mesh, process belt mesh, architectural mesh and transparent media façades.

In our own R&D department and its laboratory, we not only continuously further develop our own GKD standard range, but also create individual solutions for our customers’ processes. At GKD, we are therefore able to create efficient systems, equipment and components integrated perfectly into the processes of our customers across all industry sectors. Our manufacturing expertise enables us to meet our customers’ wishes in terms of weave type, selection and combination of materials, as well as further processing. Our customers receive the products either as pre-assembled stock

goods or in application-specific solutions, which are manufactured customized to our customers’ processes. The wide range of industrial areas in which GKD products are used emphasizes our experience and expertise in development and manufacturing. The industry mix ranges from the automobile and aerospace industries, medical and environmental technology, raw materials and mining, the chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs and textile industries and the wood and paper processing industries, right through to applications in architecture and design. 

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Printed on 2020-07-16