General measurement in the field of gas adsorption and catalysis, odors, toxic substances (TIC and TIM), particles, aerosol filtration, compressed air filtration, droplet filtration and validation of coalescence filters, validation of air purifiers.

Specific measurement and filter testing according to: DIN EN 779 / ISO 16890 (particulate air filters for general ventilation; HVAC), DIN EN 1822 (high efficiency particle filters), DIN 71460 / ISO 11155 (Cabin air filters), ISO 12500 (Compressed air filter), ISO 8573 (Compressed air), EN 13725 (Odour filter), GB/T 18801-2008 (air purifier), DIN EN ISO 10121 (gas phase air cleaning media and devices).

Current research topics:

Removal of particles, odours and (toxic) gases, filter benchmarking and functionalization, defined filter aging with cigarette smoke and diesel soot, sustainability of compressed air filtration, catalytic reduction of NOx and VOC and improvement of filter evaluation methods and instrumentation.

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Printed on 2020-07-05