Advanced Materials for a Cleaner World by Hollingsworth & Vose

Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is a seventh generation family-run company and a global leader in the supply of advanced materials for filtration, battery separator and industrial applications. Today, H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a cleaner world through their use in products that provide clean air, clean liquids and energy storage. The company operates manufacturing sites and research centers in the Americas, Asia, Europe and India and is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. For more information, visit

NanoWave HVAC

Our patented NanoWave® HVAC pocket media provide superior pressure drop and dust-holding capacity compared to traditional synthetic media and glass mat.

Hydraulic Filtration Media

H&V’s newest hydraulic media reduces fluid flow restriction by up to 30 % and saves energy while maintaining efficiency and capacity up to your demand

Gas Turbine / Dust Collector

H&V offers the broadest range of high-performance filter media that sets the standard for efficiency and extended lifetime in the toughest environments.acity.

Cabin Air Filtration

Technostat® activated carbon filter media removes all common VOCs and provides the market’s lowest delta p while offering highest particulate filtration efficiency.

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Printed on 2020-07-16