New Developments in High Performance Woven Wire Filtration Media: MINIMESH® RPD HIFLO-S – Three Dimensional High Performance Metal Filter Cloth

Compared to other filter media, the specific properties of a woven wire mesh may be precisely described geometrically and defined through the type of weave, wire diameter and mesh count. For the user and manufacturer of woven wire filters, this is a considerable advantage, because geometric pore size and permeability can be precisely calculated beforehand. With these “precision pores” it is possible to attain a higher separation effect and shape stability.

Where conventional filter cloths have reached their limits, the new developed MINIMESH® RPD HIFLO-S opens up new dimensions for filtration. Using new weaving technology developed by Haver & Boecker, a three-dimensional pore geometry is created that makes industrial filtration processes more efficient, quicker and more economical than ever previously possible.

The open surface over an area is significantly increased due to the weaving structure. The medium‘s flow-through rate can be doubled when compared to conventional filter cloth having the same pore size, for example the MINIMESH® DTW-S. In addition, the flow conditions are optimised and turbulence around the filter cloth is effectively avoided.

The pore size within a batch can be calibrated as desired from 5 µm to 40 µm.

The new filter cloth can be manufactured from standard diameter wires. This has a positive effect on cost. Moreover it is now possible to weave special materials such as Avesta, Hastelloy, Inconel or titanium in the small pore size range, which previously had not been possible. Thus for the first time RPD HIFLO-S offers a corrosion and temperature resistant filter cloth with pore sizes below 40 µm.

The depth structure of RPD HIFLO-S offers a high separation effect without rapid blinding. Dirt holding capacity and cleaning capability have proven to be excellent.



HAVER & BOECKER is a family-managed, midsize company with headquarters in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany. HAVER & BOECKER OHG comprises the Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions. Together with more than 50 subsidiaries and 150 representatives on all five continents, HAVER & BOECKER operates worldwide with more than 3,000 employees. In 2016 the company posted a sales turnover of 460 million euros.

The Wire Weaving Division manufactures woven wire cloth and processes it into engineered woven wire products. They are used for screening and filtration in the chemical, plastics and automobile industries, in aviation and aerospace, electronics, industrial and analysis screening, in the food industry as well as for architectural applications.

The Machinery Division and its technology brands HAVER & BOECKER, HAVER + TYLER, IBAU HAMBURG, SOMMER, BEHN + BATES, FEIGE FILLING, NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING, HAVER Automation and HAVER Engineering is specialized in processing, transport, storage, mixing, filling, packing, palletizing and loading of bulk materials. The product range includes the development, production and distribution of machines for agglomeration, pelletizing and washing for building materials and mineral goods, plant engineering and services.

At the FILTECH 2018 the HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving Division spotlights new developments in High Performance Woven Wire Filtration Media..

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Printed on 2019-05-20