With nearly 3 decades of experience in filter press Filtration Aquachem provides efficient and optimized solutions for many applications. Beginning in the year 2000 we intensively worked on developing fully automatic filter presses.

Since 2011 we have reached a level and can provide our customers with a sophisticated and highly reliable product, which under harshest conditions has been proven many times in the industry.
The AF filter machine produces and discharges filter cake continuously, safely and reliably without the presence of an operator. Comparing with conventional filter presses the difference is in many details. For example, it is ensured that no liquid can leak from the filter plate package.

In addition to the considerably reduced operating cost the investment is usually only marginally higher than for a conventional chamber or membrane filter press. Due to the higher performance per square foot filter area a smaller filter machine can be selected. Aquachem also supplies semi-automatic filter presses which are characterized by their simplicity.

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Printed on 2020-07-02