MORTELECQUE is specialized in all filtration and anti-pollution processes.

We have a comprehensive range of technical products and custom manufacturing options, with our 6 production units all operating with a continuous improvement approach.

You can contact us for the supply of filtration equipment and for our maintenance services.

MORTELECQUE was established in 1830 by a family of farmers, sugar producers and brewers, all driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Today the company employs more than 90 people, with over 7000 customers worldwide and 35,000 product references.

Weaving - capacity and leading edge technical expertise - SATI ENVIROTECH

With modern powerful looms, the unit can produce 1500 metres a day, in widths of up to 3400 mm. The flexibility of the plant and the range of yarns available enable us to produce almost 1000 different qualities.

Our three manufacturing sites are set up to respond quickly to your technical requirements within the necessary timescales. The technical department works closely with you to design and develop prototypes.

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Printed on 2020-07-05