Berry is a leader in advanced nonwoven filtration solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities encompass a wide range of specialty materials, process technologies, and state-of-the-art innovation centers.

We offer superior media for air and liquid purification, including functional coatings, antibacterial, and fluid management to complement our proprietary and patented spunbond, meltblown, carding, and lamination.

We are proud of our renowned brands. Reemay™ is the selected media for pleated filters and cartridges to provide consistent performance over time requiring less maintenance. Meltex™ is suitable for applications requiring the most precise uniformity and highest dirt-holding capabilities.

Our specialty air filtration solutions are designed to protect the health and well-being of people in Personal, Industrial, Transportation, and Household environments with high level of air contaminants.

Our superior liquid filtration solutions help preserve water sanitation, and are able to meet filtration requirements in highly regulated markets and applications such as Life Sciences, Food & Beverages, Industrial, and Pool & Spa.

About Berry
Berry is committed to its mission of ‘Always Advancing to Protect What’s Important,’ and proudly partners with its customers to provide them with value-added customized protection solutions.

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Printed on 2019-06-19