As a leading manufacturer in the filtration industry, initiation and innovation are the guiding principles of Microteck Crop. From the filtration media, structure design and the production facilities to quality-testing technology, Microteck Crop. has built and developed an integrated service for customers in more than hundreds countries worldwide.

Microteck Crop. has been involved in the research and development of bag filters, cartridge filters, filter housings and auto-cleaning filters for more than 10 years. We provide filters for photonics, electrical, refinery, petroleum, bio-technology, medical, chemical, food and beverage industries. To ensure product quality, Microteck Crop. Employs precision instruments to test filtration efficiency, particle size level distribution, filter integrity and differential pressure.

Microteck Crop. ’s pleated and membrane filters are manufactured under sterile conditions to precise electronic, photonic, medical, bio-technological and Food and beverage specifications. High and consistent quality to meet the customer satisfaction is the long-term goals of Microteck Crop., and we maintain these goals through rigorous quality control according to ISO 9001 management policies. To ensure user safety, Microteck Crop. is certified by the NSF, thereby guaranteeing that our products, from research and development through production, conform to international standards.

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Printed on 2020-07-05