Our factory Filpar Automotive’s brand ‘CARBOPLUS’ was founded in Istanbul with an objective of creating added-value on behalf of our country and to meet the high demand of the activated carbon paper in automotive, construction, textiles, ventilation and the other industries. As a first in the field, it has started its production activities with the latest technology equipment and modern facilities. With our investments on R&D works carried out for a long time, high quality activated carbon paper with an optimal value was come into use for our customers.

We have reached high quality product standardization by using the latest production technologies in manufacturing activated carbon paper and passing all necessary testing phases. Production structure that can respond to every demand, timely and accurate delivery, competitive price advantage, effective customer services and the continuity in high quality standards we offer always aim to satisfy our customer in domestic and abroad.

In accordance with our mission, ‘CARBOPLUS’ aims to be a leading and a trusted brand in activated carbon paper area by using the best quality raw material in its facilities and supplying the quality of diversity from automotive industries to HVAC applications.

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Printed on 2019-01-18