The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS conducts applied research on high-performance ceramics.

The institute‘s three sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf (Thuringia), Germany, collectively represent Europe‘s largest R&D institute dedicated to the study of ceramics. Based on comprehensive materials expertise, the institute’s development work covers the entire value creation chain, all the way to prototype production. Fraunhofer IKTS forms a triad of materials, technology and systems expertise, which is enhanced by the highest level of extensive materials diagnostics.

Many industrial and technological processes result in gas mixtures containing both fine particulate matter hazardous to health and the environment, as well as harmful gaseous pollu­tants. In response, Fraunhofer IKTS offers open-porous, cellular ceramic bodies and membranes for hot gas dust extraction and particle filtration. Nanoporous membranes, for example, facilitate the separation of individual components from gas mixtures. Ceramic catalyst supports and catalysts for exhaust gas purification represent another focus. As alternatives to precious metals, ceramic catalysts display greater thermal stability. Furthermore, they are substantially better tolerating catalyst poisons that are critical for precious metals. Furthermore, Fraunhofer IKTS focuses on inorganic and chemical-free processes and integrated reactor systems for the treatment of sewage and process water.

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Printed on 2020-07-05