FreChem Corporate Flyers - FrechBond®, FrechFill®, FrechFoam®

FreChem specialises in developing and manufacturing polyurethane systems for bonding (FrechBond®), casting (FrechFill®) and sealing (FrechFoam®). Our products are perfectly suited for a variety of industrial applications worldwide.

FrechBond® refers to our two-component polyurethane adhesive. It is suitable for repairing plastic components, panels and casings, for filling holes, cracks and joints in metal, wood, stone and glass as well as for large area bonding.

FrechFill® refers to our two-component polyurethane casting resin. It is suitable for casting electronic and filter components in casings and for rotational or clear casting.

FrechFoam® refers to our two-component polyurethane foam. In its soft-foam variant, FrechFoam® is suited for use as a sealing foam, while the semi-rigid variant is used in functional components. The rigid-foam variant is suited for insulation or backfilling purposes.

Printed on 2018-09-24