LANEX is one of the biggest producers of assortment belonging to the group of technical textiles in Central Europe.

The company operates in accordance with the principles of the EN ISO 9001 quality system and has its products tested and certified by renowned European certificate and testing institutions, which is a precondition of maintaining their quality stable.

We are member of EUROCORD – European manufacturing industry of ropes, twines, nets and netting.

LANEX operates on a worldwide scale with deliveries to more than 50 countries with the dominant share being held by EU countries and Russia.The share of export makes 85 % of the total sales. LANEX´s excellent manufacturing technologies enable the production and sale of more than 4 000 tons of plaited, twisted and braided ropes per year. Today´s assortment of ropes, produced on the basis of sophisticated technologies with top machinery, is intended especially for shipbuilding industry, fishing industry, technical textile industry, mechanical engineering, building and construction industry, agriculture, sports and also for hobby and leisure time. We have our own research and development department and testing laboratories.

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Printed on 2018-10-18