ZeroGlass - An innovative solution

ZeroGlass is obtained by a special overlapping of fibrous layers that give the material a high capacity to collect any type of paint.


ZeroGlass can be produced in different sizes and customized on its side with logos and/or technical standards.

Performance, safety and ecology

Zeroglass is an innovative high performance filter, easy and safe to handle as it is made of 100% polyester fiber. Ideal for replacing Paint Stop fiberglass in all paint booths thanks to its high collection and filtering capacity.

Zero risc to the environnement

ZeroGlass is produced with 90% regenerated polyester fiber recovered through the disposal of bottles and is stored in full respect of health and environnement.

ZeroGlass 2013

Single-layer to absorp and collect the excess paint 95% of regenerated polyester fiber. Suitable for spray bottles.

ZeroGlass 4013

Layer paint arrestor with particular distribution of fibers plus the filtering layer which allows eliminating the use of filters. Downstream 90% of regenerated polyester fiber. Suitable for paint booths on the floor of wall.i

Printed on 2018-10-24