Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

The basic principle of the rotary drum vacuum filter has been around for over 100 years and is one of the oldest types of filters used for solid and liquid separation. The rotary drum vacuum filter is used for a number of different applications such as the filtration of bulk or fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pigments, foods, bulk minerals, sludge dewatering, wastewater treatment, and biofuels. The list is not exhaustive. The rotary drum vacuum filter is a versatile filter that is reliable, continuous and requires minimal operator effort/attention. It is also available in wide range of sizes and choices from lab and pilot scale to full production scale.

Filtration Services Ltd is at the forefront in the design and manufacture of rotary drum vacuum filters and has developed advancements which have improved efficiency and helped in reducing costs. One such advancement is the Automatic Knife Advance System (AKAS) which is used to optimise precoat usage on a rotary drum vacuum filter.

Filtration Services offer bespoke manufacture and design of the rotary drum vacuum filter to meet both your site-specific requirements and the exacting standards of today’s industry.

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter – ROTAVAC™

The Filtration Services’ Rotavac™ rotary drum vacuum filter (RDVF) is particularly suited for applications where large amounts of liquids and solids need to be separated continuously and with minimal operator input.

The Rotavac™ rotary drum vacuum filter is available in a variety of sizes, from 0.8m² up to 60m² filtration area, and in a range of solids discharge configurations. A rotary drum vacuum filter operates continuously with the solids and liquid being discharged at steady, predictable rates. The units require little or no manual intervention, being simple to operate and maintain.

Printed on 2019-05-21