Tipping Pan Filter

Possibly one of the simplest filtration units used in industry today, the tipping pan filter is ideal for batch processing rapid-settling, fast-filtering crystalline suspensions. The tipping pan filter is ideal for small batch applications where dedicated equipment and batch integrity is essential.

The tipping pan filter is an open-topped vessel which is fitted with a false base, drainage grids and filter medium. The solid-liquid suspension is fed onto the surface of the pan and, at the same time, vacuum is applied to the base of the pan. The vacuum assists in dewatering the suspension thereby producing a filter cake on the filter medium.

The filtered liquid [filtrate] is collected from the base of the pan through a special valve assembly. The filter cake can be washed in the pan as many times as is required by the process to achieve the desired product purity. Once the washing stage has completed, the pan is inverted and the filter cake is discharged.

The unit can be enclosed (as below) and if required can be supplied with the vacuum pump and filtrate receiver. We have a small pilot-scale tipping pan available for hire (subject to availability).

Printed on 2019-05-21