DRM Industrial Fabrics Ltd. has evolved from manufacturing haversacks and work wear in the 1940’s to providing specialist technical textile solutions for the processing industry. Our wet and dry filter products are used in a variety of industries. It is the central business within a group of related businesses based across Europe.

Set up in its current format in 1970, DRM Industrial Fabrics Ltd. has become a name synonymous with high quality technical textile products. DRM continues to manufacture on site in the UK under the ISO 9001:2011 quality standards.

We are family run and proud of it. Experience and knowledge is what makes us tick and our employees are the framework for our successful business. Our multicultural and multilingual team gives us the creative edge when it comes to dealing with international customers. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the best result and form long-standing partnerships.

DRM is an expert in the field of technical textile filters. Our customers appreciate our unbiased technical support. 47 years in the industry mean our team has acquired a wealth of experience and a network of expert weavers that allows us to choose the best material for our customers’ environment.

DRM’s skilled production team offers CAD-controlled, cutting-edge laser technology, facilities for punching and knife cutting. We use technology as a support tool but our true assets are our skilled employees that cut, sew and inspect your product.

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Printed on 2018-10-21