KAN-I International Corp. is professionally engaged in the production for filtration and separation equipment and also a filter cartridge agency. In addition, to provide filtering equipment and filter cartridges, we offer our profession and technical services for customers with international standard. Kan-I is adding a new production facility in order to keep innovating with new product development and always place quality control in the first place.

Our products have been widely used in the field of microelectronics, specialty chemicals, food and beverage, water treatment, analysis and testing markets…etc. Customers can choose from our complete product line to fulfill their needs in different filtration systems.

Our products are including:

• PP pleated filter cartridges
• PES pleated filter cartridges
• PTFE pleated filter cartridges
• NYLON pleated filter cartridges
• disposable filter cartridges
• string wounded filter cartridges
• melt-blown filter cartridges
• activated carbon filter cartridges
• stainless steel filter cartridges
• stainless steel filters

Visit our Filtration Website at http://kaner.kan-i.com/en/about.html for more product information.

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Printed on 2019-06-16