İSKA Rubber Metal Plastic Industry and Trade Inc. founded in 2008 in İskenderun/Turkey. İSKA which started manufacturing with gasket, is existed the biggest filter factories of Turkey and Middle East in it is portfolio.

İSKA has been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 quality sertificate which has crownded the high quality production process whose main principle is customer satisfaction.

Begining from 2009, anti-vibration and safeted mounts ,diaphragms ,conical shaped vibration mounts ,and many kind of rubber-based materials have been started to produce.Our company has been exporting to Europe and Middle East.

The industries which are in our product group:

About ISKA

ISKA RUBBER METAL PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD was founded in Iskenderun gulf of Hatay on 15.03.2008 and continues its business 3500 m² factory whose 2.250 m² is closed. At the very beginning, making production aimed at only filter sector’s rubber staff need, ISKA RUBBER CO. LTD. has succeeded to be one of the ambitious trademarks of the Turk Rubber sector particularly with filter industry and at the same time with automotive sub-industry, agriculture and stock raising industries, antivibration products, machine industry and industrial elastomeric products.

Having obtained meeting needs of the customers without never conceding from quality as a hallmark, ISKA RUBBER CO. LTD., started export activities in 2010 and as of today sustains product supply for various sectors to four different continents. Coming into vogue in Europe market especially with antivibration products, our foundation has succeded to be a sought-after brand by Middle East filter producers.

Acting with %100 customer happiness at rubber based elastromeric product supply, ISKA RUBBER CO. LTD. undertook this with its laboring staff each of them are experted at their fields and with the ISO 9001 certificate that has been possessed since the date it was founded.

Our foundation has continued each year with development since the beginning and pursues its contention to be the locomotive of Turk Rubber Sector in order to be the trademark of confidence with an increasing capacity day by day.

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