Calida Cleantech is specialized in high advanced hot gas cleaning systems up to 800°C.

In times of rising energy costs and increasing demands regarding the purity of process and exhaust gases, hot gas purification systems from Calida Cleantech open up new economic and technical perspectives.

The extraordinarily broad temperature spectrum of Calida Cleantech filters facilitates the sustainable and safe provision of nearly particle-free gases by means of a regeneration system that has been adapted to the process. Calida Cleantech hot gas filters are not only a technical brick to optimize thermal processes but also tool for profitability: Constant operating temperatures and process conditions without any waste of energy combined with long process cycles.

In combination with Dry Sorbent Injection for removal of Cl and S, and catalytic NOx VOC or tar treatment, Calida Cleantech Filters become a central gas cleaning unit for gasification or flue gas treatment.

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Printed on 2020-07-09