LENSER is one of the worldwide leading manufactures of filter elements for solids/liquids separation in filter presses.

LENSER regards itself as a systems and applications consultant and partner to filter press manufacturers, consulting engineers and end users. Our research and development is focused on the continuous improvement of our products and the optimisation of filtration processes. The avoidance of errors has priority over the rectification of errors.

Our application engineers analyse suspension and filtration parameters in order to achieve the desired filtration results with the right filter elements. As additional services to our extensive program of tailor-made filter elements we offer a unique range of field-tested filter cloth solutions that are perfectly adapted to the corresponding filter element and can be mounted at our facility when ordered together with our filter elements.

With the experience of 50 years and our worldwide distribution network LENSER plays an important role in ensuring the economic success of its customers.

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Printed on 2020-07-12