BHS Pressure Plate Filter (PF)

The BHS pressure plate filter is a batch-operated filter with plate-shaped filter elements arranged one above the other inside a pressure vessel. The filter cake builds up on the filter plates. The clear filtrate is discharged inwards through the hollow shaft. All the process steps are carried out under pressure. Cake discharge is accomplished by vibration of the filter elements.

The filter is used primarily for cake-forming solid-liquid separation of suspensions with a low solids content that are moderately or extremely difficult to filter. It is also suitable for adsorptive filtration (as a deep bed or precoat filter). The BHS pressure plate filter is frequently used for clarifying filtration. The plate filter is a compact unit, operates fully automatically and allows high throughput rates. Vibration discharge requires very little energy consumption. Furthermore, there is no longer any need for the complicated shaft system and seals through the pressure vessel.

BHS also manufactures complete pressure plate filter installations including fittings, instrumentation, piping, pumps, tanks, skids and control systems. The plants have a modular design for easy transport and assembly.

Printed on 2019-05-21