Home of Innovation - Synonymous with high quality

Throughout our over 110 year history, our products have always been synonymous with high quality. As a global, family-run company, we continue to fulfill the highest demands in the technical textile industry today, whether we are working on three-dimensional spacer fabrics, 3D textiles, laminating materials, or spacers. As a leading company in our industry, each product our company manufactures provides excellent quality and outstanding performance.

Our strong competitive position is founded on a environment, company-wide corporate culture. Coupled with systematic, targeted development work, this culture regularly produces acclaimed new products. A combination of hard work and expertise has brought us to the forefront of our field, and today we are proud to say: We are the world's leading manufacturer of three-dimensional spacer fabrics.

As an innovator in our industry, we respond to this responsibility with a high level of specialization, a distinctive innovative spirit, and a unique customer focus. Our presence in key markets makes us a valued partner to our customers.

Printed on 2019-05-20