Pall Corporation designs and supplies a wide range of Filtration and Separation technologies to eliminate solid and liquid contaminants from fluids including Particulate Filters for gas and liquid service, Liquid/Gas coalescers, Liquid/Liquid coalescers.

Retrofit filters and coalescers are available as direct ‘drop-in’ replacements of existing cartridges, with no housing modifications. These products, along with our local Service capabilities (rental, testing) and our engineering capabilities enable us to fulfill diverse fluid purification requirements in any size. The elements can be made out of polymers, ceramics, metals and alloys.

Pall technologies have proven superior field performance, enabling operators to enhance plants reliability and availability.

Throughout all regions, Pall technologies and services have enhanced the protection of units and equipment that are critical to chemical, petrochemical and polymer processing plants.

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Printed on 2020-07-04