Fil Sep is one of the fastest growing and progressive companies engaged in the Filtration & Separation systems, Lube Oil Skids, Packaged system and LSTK with design, engineering and manufacturing with sales & marketing and technical support capabilities.

Fil Sep management is always ready to offer flexibility to augment infrastructure resources to meet dedicated support to organization like yours to become a trusted partner for the mutual growth.

We at Fil Sep are working in four different verticals i.e.

a) Filtration and Separation system division
b) Lube oil skid division
c) Packaged System d) LSTK

Fil Sep supplied more than 3000 filtration system for various applications in Oil & Gas, refinery, petrochemical,chemical, fertilizer etc , more than 80 Lube Oil Skids for Turbine,Compressors, pumps and various packages systems across the Globe.

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Printed on 2019-01-18