Wuhan Golden Holdings (formerly Golden Optical Industry Co., Ltd.), established in 2000, 2011 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, Department of digital technology commercial application solutions provider. It is China’s first number technology Innovation and Application Ecosystem “creator (stock code: 300220).

The Group is committed to commercialization of digital technology services, and around the gold + digital technology innovation and application of ecological systems, business and capital to build the two major platforms designed to endogenous and extension of the principle of continuous exploration of three-dimensional digital technology in various fields The application of digital technology for the traditional business solutions for commercialization, boost the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, to help users innovation and development.

At present, GoldMart has expanded its digital equipment (laser equipment manufacturing) to digital service (3D printing service) to digital display (3D digital content production) to build Golden Innovative + Digital Application Innovation Ecosystem with high-end Digital laser equipment manufacturing sector and three-dimensional digital technology business applications business segment.

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Printed on 2018-09-24