Innovative filter technology in a nutshell

The demands on highly effective filter technology are permanently increasing in this high-tech world.

Drinking water pollution, for example, is rising steadily as a result of industrial waste water, pharmaceutical and chemical residues. Air pollution is increasing likewise. We are also reading more and more about polluted or contaminated buildings, not to mention the various forms of unpleasant odours. The situation is particularly tricky for first responders, who frequently have to deal with unknown, toxic substances. They need protective clothing that knows no compromise.

Adsorption and filter technologies already make a great contribution to tackling this problem. However, demands will rise significantly in the future. Standard filter solutions will no longer be able to cope with the complexity of the unwanted substances. What is needed is a high-tech system that has the necessary stability and adsorptive capacity - and can be adapted to precise requirements.

The Blücher Group manufactures spherical high-power adsorbers in a unique, and specialised process, whereby product characteristics such as the shape, mechanical and adsorptive properties can be individually determined and realised. The spherical adsorbers are highly porous; the unwanted substances are bonded firmly and safely to the resulting extremely large internal surface. These are always customised to the problem. For example, Blücher adsorbers can be easily applied to textile carriers and integrated in clothing or shoes. For perfect protection and comfort - whether in action, at work or play.

Printed on 2019-05-20