ADVA®filter from ADVANSA are high-quality shortcut fibres which have been specially engineered for wet-laid filter media. Following fibre properties can be optimized according to customer requirements:

Polymer, Fineness, Different cut length, Tenacity/Elongation, Modulus, Crystallinity.

ADVA®filter achieves excellent results for food and technical filtration, such as:

Control of Porosity, Adjustable dry, wet, tear and burst strength, Fulfill requirements for Kosher / Halal certification, Compliant with FDA 21CFR177.2260 and related. Suitable for EU 10/2011&BfR XXXVI/2 requirements.

From recent developments, ultra-fine fibres are available to help improving the separation efficiency and minimize the pressure drop. ADVA®filter enables the production of filters which are very uniform and strong, suitable for demanding applications such as reverse osmosis and nano-filtration as well as automotive, food & beverages, hydraulic systems and many more.

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Printed on 2020-05-29