MFUSION the 3 layer filter paper

Increasing requirements to the final product quality in industrial processes require ever greater demands on the accuracy of manufacturing . In recent years, production speed and accuracy have increased considerably.

The demands on the cleanliness of the cooling lubricant and therefore also on filtration increased in the same way. So nowadays are more and more high-tech filter fleeces used. The 3 dimensional filtration has for some years been an established name and an indispensable part of the modern liquid filtration.

To go one step further ahead , new and innovative ways are needed . New technologies and new ways of thinking . This is what we have set ourselves the goal to work every day to make our filter media better for you. Because our motto is: Innovation in filtration.

With our latest development , our MFUSION , we bring the efficiency liquid filtration one step further: With the 3-layer , gradient structure and a completely new production technology, we achieve better results with lower consumptions.

MFUSION, the best filter paper of our time.

Printed on 2019-05-21