We are a Czech company engaged in textile manufacturing at all production stages, i.e. from manufacturing of yarn through manufacturing of knitted fabrics and cloths to ready-made products. The key area of the companys activities, in addition to purely manufacturing programmes and activities, remains research and development together with an accredited textile laboratory.

Filters, besides another product groups, are represented by these products:

Candle filters
Filter textiles

EKOFIL® candle filters
Composition: polypropylene, polyester, cotton, activated carbon
Structure: one-layer, two-layer, multi-layer
Filtration technology: S and K standard marking, O special marking, and O/L special clean and food-processing marking
Length: standard 125, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 mm, special 123, 245 mm
Internal diameter: 28 mm
Outer diameter: 61 mm as standard; special 45-115 mm
Porosity: 0.5 – 100; 150 μm

Fields of application: filtration of liquids polluted with mechanical dirt, filtration of aggressive liquid

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Printed on 2019-02-19