Chemtech is a filtration and separation equipment manufacturer.

It exists on the market over 25 years servicing various industries: Food and beverages, dairy, pharmaceutical, electronics and fine chemicals, automotive, oil and gas, power to name main areas. We are a team of some 30 people with the core of chemical process engineers.

We have design and manufacturing of filter equipment: typical bag, cartridge and selfcleaning, as well as custom made equipment tailored to the specific need. Our filters housings can be made of any stainless steel grade or Tytanium and comply with PED. Chemtech has its own laboratory services where we can make filtration tests. Filed tests are also possible. In addition to being a designer and manufacturer of filter hosungs, we manufacture a wide selection of filtration cartridges both disposable and regenerable and a full range of filter bags. As a company with many process engineers on board, we do not limit our activities to being a trading company of common filtration equipment. We specialise in more difficult applications where both expertise and tests are required. We have many proprietary technologies in phase separations: solid-liquid; solid-gas; liquid-liquid; gas-liquid (droplet separation). We can design process both in the area of fine filtration and dewatering.

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Printed on 2020-07-05