Particle and surface analysis is an important method for the successful development of new materials for filtration and separation technologies.

Anton Paar manufactures measuring instruments for the fast, efficient and comprehensive characterization of powders, porous materials, dispersions and polymers. Parameters such as particle size, pore size, particle shape, internal structure, roughness, hardness, resistance, zeta potential, specific surface area, active surface area, density, flow behavior can be determined. Anton Paar offers you the right instruments for quality assurance as well as for research & development. Find out the world's most comprehensive portfolio for particle characterization and surface characterization from a single source.

Anton Paar supports you worldwide. With an internationally trained sales and service team, we realize for our users a uniform service and support for the reliable operation of your measuring instruments. Measurement regulations, calibrations and maintenance standards are internationally comparable. They allow a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility of data at different production and research lab locations.

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Printed on 2020-07-05