AJELIS is a French company offering systems and custom development solutions based on nano-microfibers for liquid and gas waste treatment: elimination of toxic compounds, decontamination of radioelements, recycling of precious/strategic metals.

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METALICAPT® systems operating in filtration columns for removal of heavy metals (copper, nickel, zinc, lead, chrome, cobalt…), toxic organic compounds (pesticides, drugs). Specific fibers for extraction of gold, radionuclides and some strategic metals.

GEOCAPT® fabrics for removal of pollutants (acids, bases, heavy metals, pesticides) from runoff water avoiding their infiltration into the aquifer. Well suited for construction sites and drainage areas, these fabrics are to be installed directly to the ground, in water tank or basement construction. It is a complementary material to oil and fuel adsorbent geotextiles.

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Printed on 2020-07-04