Nanjing Tangent Fluid Technology Co. Ltd (TFT) is a producer for microfiltration & ultrafiltration ceramic membranes.

TFT has been producing and developing tubular ceramic membranes for many years, which have been widely applied for solid- liquid separation in food&beverage, petrol chemical, pharmaceutical, and waste water treatment. TFT can offer you full range product from MF/UF ceramic membrane, Zeolite Pervaporation membrane, Lab pilot unit, scaled-up membrane system for process industry. TFT will be your OEM manufacturer to design and make customized membranes and MF/UF/NF membrane filtration machines based on your special requirement.

TFT has a professional management and technical team with skilled experience of more than 20 years and hundreds of references on membrane technology. Working closely with partners, we endeavor to offer you high quality membranes,special and professional technical service&support,process evaluation,installation and commission.TFT is willing to share and cooperate with our business partner on efficient and integrated membrane technology for separation, purification, dehydration & concentration.

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TFT,Your Membrane Partner.

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Printed on 2020-01-24