We are the leading company for instrumentation to assess filter media roll quality.

ACA Permi is an online air permeability / pressure drop analyzer to evaluate filter media in real-time. It is installed directly in the filter media manufacturing process and the data can be used for process and quality control. The system can be installed also in downstream operations to control the quality of incoming rolls. Flexible data handling and analytical tools make it easy to form roll to roll reports and eliminate problematic rolls.

ACA Permi Lab is a modern and easy-to-use laboratory instrument for air permeability and pressure drop. Several standards available.

ACA ROQ is a handheld device to analyze the cross direction uniformity of a roll. The measurement is based on high resolution hardness profile and it is able to show roll error such as bagginess, loose edge, local hardness variations and too soft or hard rolls.

Our vision is to secure your competitive edge by improving the filtration efficiency by proper quality control of filter media. Let us talk more at Filtech 2019, our booth number is R 36. Warmly welcome!

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Printed on 2020-07-16