Beardow Adams Adhesives are rewriting traditional filter production processes.

Versatile, reliable and extremely easy to use, our adhesives have helped filter manufacturers around the world to improve production line efficiency. They provide exceptionally strong adhesion and have been used to reduce assembly times and speed up production by successfully replacing mechanical fasteners.

Prodas 626

Product Assembly: Prodas 626 has a short open timed coupled with a fast speed of set and used for air filters eg. in air conditioning units or vacuum cleaners.

Prodas 1532

Product Assembly: Prodas 1532 has a short open time coupled with a fast set for use with air filters e.g. in air conditioning units or vacuum cleaners.

Prodas 724

Product Assembly: Low viscosity general purpose grade which will bond most plastics metals boards & textiles.

BAMFutura 51

BAMFutura 51 is a versatile packaging hot melt which exhibits the broadest spectrum of high and low temperature perfomance of all our packaging grades

Printed on 2019-01-18